Hip Villas is a small private company that brings the boutique villa to the discerning traveller. We source properties for the savvy traveller for whom aesthetics and authenticity are at the top of their wish list rather than convention and well known tourist resorts. Run by Tamsin Coe (formerly with Scott Dunn) each property is individually selected to fit with the Hip Villa concept:

  • Properties with unique style, architectural interest and ambience.
  • Unusual locations away from the tourist centres and off the beaten track. Hip Villas properties are for people who wish to experience the real flavour of the area and imbibe the local culture.The typical Hip Villas property is of a calibre usually equated with a luxury catered holiday, our concept brings such quality to the self-catered market at affordable prices.
  • Through detailed research and our extensive contacts we have sought out and discovered hidden gems in fantastic locations.